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7 Reasons for an Introducing Broker (IB) to become a CFD Broker in 2018 at $0 setup cost


The article you are about to read presents a unique opportunity for Introducing Brokers(IBs) to take their business to the next level and capitalise on their passion and existing network.

IBs are genuinely a cornerstone of the CFD industry – professionals and entrepreneurs putting their name on the line to introduce investors and traders to the financial markets and more often than not to educate their clients and support them throughout their trading careers. Yet, IBs are often collecting crumbs of profitability the Broker achieves.

Success is not a given but rather a process. Naturally, every successful venture must grow and progress in time. Such is the logical case for IBs to eventually become CFD Brokers. Here are the 7 most important reasons why 2018 is the year to act.

1. Vibrant 2018 Market

CFD trading volumes have been consistently growing year after year since 2008 Financial Crisis with current daily volume sitting at approximately $300 billion.

In 2017 we have witnessed pressure of regulation on the CFD industry in many European countries, the trend which is likely to persist. However, most of the emerging markets have not even introduced any basic regulations for CFDs and frankly, now they have a bigger concern to manage – cryptocurrency markets.

Late 2017 has seen the ‘Bitcoin’ to be one of the top trending search requests in Google and after Bitcoin has been around for close to a decade, and with total crypto market cap close to 700 billion it is safe to assume that crypto is here to stay.

Besides, taking into account steep consistent growth of Internet penetration around the world online business has brighter opportunities in comparison to most brick and mortar alternatives.

2. Personal Brand

With Social Media cutting through every area of life it’s ultimately important to understand the importance of personal brand and online reputation. It’s almost as if you do not exist if you cannot be found on Facebook, Google or LinkedIn.

In regards to creating and managing your network, establishing a trust and adequate online presence is a paramount aspect of any B2C business. People buy from people, and people need to know who they are dealing with.

Starting and running your online business and sharing your progress with your network is organic, cost-efficient and to put it simply –  MUST BE DONE.

3. Easy Customer Acquisition

It has never been easier to find customers and it has all to do with the Internet. Titans are proving this point pushing brick and mortar shop out of business on a daily basis and booking record revenues e.g. $135 billion (2016).

Facebook today is probably by far the easiest way to engage with your very targeted audience in any desired location. How many people you now know, who are not on Facebook?

Think global, service local – must be a motto for every IB in 2018. Bring the best possible services and technology to your local business community.

4. Full Control

Being an IB is tough because you have to fully rely on the Broker to treat your clients in an orderly fashion. Becoming a Broker of your own provides a unique opportunity to implement and execute your own vision for your business.

Besides for a Broker it is much easier to scale the business. A former IB would be in a very advantageous position here because he or she knows like nobody else how to effectively engage local Clients and even other IBs.

5. Affordable Technology

Here’s the part where we will say a couple of words about ourselves. Tech companies like BUROKA ( are able to offer full turnkey tech solution for your brokerage, complete with Trading Platforms, CRM, Client Portal and many other automations.

However, an entry threshold has always been high for an IB to even consider such opportunities. We really tried to get into your skin and understand how we can bring successful IBs to become successful Brokers. Here at BUROKA we developed an IB-oriented full turnkey brokerage solution at $0 setup cost. We are ultimately transparent about our business and pricing model which is laid out on our website –

6. Smart Risk Management

CFD brokerages can be run in STP, Market Maker or Hybrid modes, which essentially defines how the Broker manages their risk. We are offering tech for smart analysis and management of risk. The soundest approach we recommend for a starting Brokerage is Straight-Through Processing of trades to a trusted Liquidity Provider.

7. Cryptocurrency Trend

Addressing the elephant in the room we must say that CFDs on Cryptos is the hottest topic in 2018. Our tech currently allows to trade 5 hottest cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple and Dash.

To conclude, if you are currently an IB and looking to develop this into a big business, make sure you do not miss out on the biggest opportunity this market has ever seen. Visit us on and reach out to get professional guidance and support.

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